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 Addition To 25 man Rules

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Addition To 25 man Rules Empty
PostSubject: Addition To 25 man Rules   Addition To 25 man Rules EmptyTue Apr 01, 2008 8:45 pm

A new little addition to our system:

Recently we have had a problem with 25 man raid signups and attendance so we are putting this rule into effect to resolve this conflict.

As of APR 4th we will be only giving LOOT to people who SIGN UP for the raid in question. You may sign-up for the raid up until 1 hour before the raid. If you login and we are raiding and we need you to join in, you still will move up on the SK list. That means you are still getting closer to the number 1 spot even though you can't bid on anything that night.

Also if you sign up for the raid and leave (or not show up at all) BEFORE THE ALLOTTED END TIME of the raid in question you will be dropped to the bottom of the SK list for loot.(exceptions: family emergency, power outage, ect.)

Being late... You won't get any loot that night but still move up on SK.

If you sign up for a raid and something comes up you will get no penalty if you remove your sign up on group calendar 48 hours before the raid.

These rules aren't meant to force anyone to raid more than they can afford to, but it will help give us an idea of who all can attend that raid night. Knowing who is attending gives us a better idea of what all we can accomplish that night.
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Addition To 25 man Rules
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