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 All the Rules you will need to be aware of

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All the Rules you will need to be aware of Empty
PostSubject: All the Rules you will need to be aware of   All the Rules you will need to be aware of EmptySat Jan 19, 2008 7:44 pm

Welcome New or Potential Members!

This post will inform you of our Membership Policy, Loot
Rules, Raiding Rules, and Required mods needed for raiding.

  • Become
    a Member
  • Required mods
  • Loot Rules for 10 man Raiding
  • 25 Man loot system
  • Raid Idís and Raiding outside of the guild


  • Becoming
    a Member

1) takes up to 30 days (you
must attend 2 raid weeks before consideration)
2) Karazhan keyed and lvl 70
3) Attended Raids and followed raid rules
4) Don't ask to become a full member (it takes time)
5) Complaining and argue'ing will reset your trial period
6) You have to have a web account before your Timer even

Run Heriocs with officers or something they want to do so
you can show your playing ability.

Gear yourself up! Do not think you will gear your
character In raids. To think you will outfit your toon while trying to roll
against 24 other people is a terrible idea. Go do normal instance runs for Blue
Gear. Then move to heriocs, Bg's, Arena.

We are not a hand out free epics type guild. We do expect people to help themselves.

Thats the basics, other factors is how much you help the
guild and how often you play. Just because you arn't a full member doesn't mean
u can't get epics in raids. But does mean full members come first. This keeps
people from joining and gearing up and jetting.

  • Required Mods

The following are required mods for raiding
with For The Win:

Omen Threat Meter: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/9101/

Deadly Boss Mods: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/4940/

Group Calendar: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/1958/

Void Reaver Alarm Http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/9804/

  • Loot Rules for 10 man Raiding

**We have gone to a /roll system on all 10 mans. Enjoy! Smile

Clearly real life will throw curveballs once in a while and we understand that, but if a time is set it is unfair to the other raiders to wait on you. Don't cry if you get replaced. If you are in a BG, get out in time enough that the pvp flag has expired. Being flag causes delays as mass buffs skip people, heals don't land, people get ganked at the instance entrance ...

-NBG for loots you can technically use but clearly belongs
to another class/spec. For example, say a cloth healing item drops and there is a holy priest, a shadow priest and a resto druid. The priest will have first shot at it even though the druid can clearly use it as well. If he refuses, the druid should have a shot at it since he is currently doing that job (healing). If the druid passes, then the shadow priest should get a shot since it is an alt spec that he may want or may be asked by the guild to change to that spec.

-Bring your own bloody consumables! Arrows, candles, ankhs, potions, stat food, elixirs, etc. Some members bring spares because ... they have spares. They do not get xp or faction for spending their own gold to let YOU do your job. Getting summoned, realizing you forgot stuff, hearthing, buying, getting resummoned is lame.

-We are big boys and girls, go tinkle before the raid and take advantage of AFK breaks when they come up. Same for repair breaks: even if your stuff isn't broken, if it is somewhat damaged go get it fixed if we take a
break for it. We are waiting anyhow and it is better if we don't have to take
another just for you a few pulls later.

-Ventrillo is mandatory for raids and will only be used for raid communications. Only raid leaders should be talking unless you have
some vital info to pass to the raid (e.g. spotting a pat coming that no one
else notices). We don't care about your gear, potion use, DPS, overhealing,
desire to post damage meters, e-peen size or whatever. You WILL be global muted if you can't control your jabbering. You can use raid chat, guild chat, party chat, whispers, whatever and we also have a Teamspeak server, feel free to log on and BS there. You can run both at the same time, just put the Push To Talk button on 2 different keys.

Always remember, these rules are not about a control freak
thing. We want For The Win to grow strong quickly while keeping it fun and fair for our members. This is not a job, it is a game and we should remember that. Games are always more fun when you win though. Very Happy

D. 25man Loot System

We will be using the Suicide Kings loot system for 25 man raids.

If you sign up for the raid and are late you will be moved
downward on the SK list.
5 mins 1 spot
10 mins 2 spots

Not Showing and you will be moved down several spaces (RL
emergencies are the exception)

The officers will be running a mod to keep the list under
control. It is not required to run the mod to participate. For those that are
interested, the mod is listed here.

General Idea of SK

List of People. The 1st on the list gets to take the gear
if he passes on it, then it goes to next on list. Once you take the item you
are moved to the very bottom of the list. Pretty simple eh?

Exceptions: Member Tanks do have dibs on any gear since
they need to be best geared for us to even see gear.


1) How do i know where I am at on the list?

Answer) You download the mod and run it then ask a raid
leader to sync with you

2) If i don't show up for the raid does my position

Answer) No. You don't show your position will not change
at all

3) What if alt spec gear drops, Can i have it with out
losing my position on the list?

Answer) Thats now fair you want it bad enough you will risk your position for the gear no matter the spec. Now if everyone passes and it becomes an issue of sharding then we will default to Kara type rules. Full members then can /roll if no full members care then down to Trials. We do not want to shard things if we don't have to

4) How do I get on the list?

Answer) Attend a 25 man raid and you will obtain the
bottom position on the list

E. Raid Idís and Raiding outside of the guild

There has been some confusion lately
amongst guildies (officers included) about when/how it is ok to
pug raid or raid outside the guild. Let's try to clear that up now:

Now that we have the numbers and gear to resume working on
progression, every single guild member's participation is important. If you
get saved to another 10 or 25 man, you cost the guild an important team
member and may even make it so those 9 or 24 other people can't raid
at all. We know everyone has RL and in-game friends they like to play
with, but if that gets in the way of you helping the guild out, you
need to either get them in the guild or leave to join them wherever they

We also know that sometimes your schedule or just the mix
of classes online mean you get left out. That can't be helped on the
new content as we will change raid composition to min/max a certain
encounter: some fights may only take 1 tank, some may take 5, etc. Once we get stuff on farm, that's when we start worrying about fair rotations
for raid participation. This doesn't mean you should throw up your
hands and jump in with a non-guild group since that removes you from
being a substitute or replacement for someone else. Since Mondays
are usually set aside for pvp and other random stuff (and all the big
raids reset that night) you can raid with whoever if not already
saved. This does not apply to ZA as it has only a 3-day timer.

None of the officers want to be dicks about this and it's
not about us getting mad that people are doing their own thing. The point of this is that we all need to work together, consistently, on new content to progress at all. We ARE casual with regards to the amount of raiding hours we spend per week but we are dead serious about showing up on time, prepared and paying attention. If this doesn't interest you or you have other priorities that are more important while in-game, this is
not the place for you.

Myself and the other long-time members have spent
more time than we know gearing up people who only went on
to do other things and are rather jaded at this point.
-We are not here to gear you up for arenas.
-We are not here to gear your alts.
-We are not here to humor your gimp PvP spec because you
are too cheap to
get a proper raid spec (10 dailies per day is enough money
to respec
twice per day if needed).
-We are not here to reteach you every
bloody fight because you didn't bother to even look at
strats for the
guy or remember anything from the last time you fought
-We are not here to give you elixirs/pots/flasks/food
because you were too cheap or lazy to prepare yourself.
-We are not here to pay repair bills because you were too
busy watching TV
and banging away on your LOLDPS button to pay attention to
what's going
on during the fight.
-We don't need guild members just to see more names in
green text if they aren't helping us.
-We ARE here to offer you a chance to not just see but
EARN your way into
endgame content and having a good time doing it without
crazy rules
like mandatory 6 days per week raid attendance.
-We WILL recognize ability and commitment with
advancement, just look at Atamar, Niegle and Banneth. Relatively recent
additions as far as the guild's history
goes but are now the most senior member, above even some
of the

Finally, if something is bugging you about how someone
is acting or the way we do things, talk to an officer
about your concerns. We aren't psychic and can't address problems we
don't know about.
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All the Rules you will need to be aware of
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